At Michelle Aziz Counselling, we offer specialized therapeutic support in individual and couple counselling.

When our bodies are in need of therapy, we work towards healing them. The challenges of the mind, however, can be more invisible until the the pain becomes mentally and physically too overbearing. This is when mental illness/challenges can be easier to identify as they manifest through unhappiness, anxiety, depression, anger and physical pain, to say the least. It is for this reason, many people seek counselling for regular mental maintenance from every day life challenges to trauma counselling and everything in between.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is a direct therapeutic support with the opportunity to meet privately with you counsellor. It is a time to take for yourself to work on yourself through many life avenues. The hour spent together in regular sessions is a time to talk, feel, practice and heal.

Couple Counselling

Couple counselling is a direct therapeutic support with the opportunity to meet with your counsellor as a couple. This approach provides opportunity for maintenance, practical problem solving, and healing as you are both facilitated equally through each session. We offer specialized support in couple counselling as well as pre-marital counselling and marital tune-ups. With additional training in this area and being a trained facilitator with ‘Prepare-Enrich Canada’ as well as offering the ‘Gottman Relationship Check-up’, couples can explore a variety of avenues for renewal.

Counselling Services

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